We dream of a better world

Symbols of collective imagination we inspire our jewels are radicated into the natural world. Today this is a strongly endangered reality that could disappear forever.

With our world we sustain the Worldwide Fund for Natura, famous no-profit association occupying to preserve our planet health and of species that inhabit it (included ours), giving a part of our profit.

WWF mission has six initiatives:

  • Food: sustainable food systems to preserv the natural balance.
  • Climate: a world with a steady climate and zero CO2 emissions, based on renewable energies.
  • Water: preserve and keep the purity of planet most important water basins
  • Fauna: secure our planet animal species and living spontanously in the wild.
  • Forests: preserve the forests to sustain biodiversity, enhance climate and support human life.
  • Oceans: to keep healthy oceans, capable of sustaining the sea fauna and its echosystems, supporting biodiversity, feed security and livability.

Thanks to the work of WWF, your jewel today has the chance to meani this too: we are doing something good for our planet and everyone's health.