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I'm Michelangelo Bellucci, founder of Hypóstasis.

Hypóstasis is a project born from my passions and studies. Beside being a creative, i love anthropology, symbolism and ancient cultures and languages.

When studying at university i learned the most basic jewelcrafting techniques, skills that brought me, in 2016, to put a foundation for my activity.


Giving back a soul to Jewels: Symbolism


Hypóstasis has born from a thought: jewels inside shop windows were wonderful, but without a soul. As a symbolism enthusiast, i knew that any shape, colour and manifestation could have a meaning going beyond perception, and being at the same time universal and subjective.


Jewels make no exception. Jewels were originally born as protective talisman, luck charm, mean of communication and identification: as a symbolic tool.

I thought to how beautiful it could be if jewels coud recover their original value, and began to create some that had not just an aesthetic value, but mostly symbolic.

My technique, that of openwork, doesn't need machineries too much complicated, just a jeweler's saw and the most basic jewelcrafting tools.

With these tools, i slowly found a small place in the artisans communitis of Neaples. With time a grow up, participating to different markets in Florence, Rome, Catanzaro, Avellino, etc. And involving so many people that helped me with their ideas and phisical e spiritual presence.

In Christmas 2019 my activity had its first results, i decided to invest and create a more professioanl activity.


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Yes but, what does Hypóstasis means?

 "from the greek word ὑπόστασις (Ypòstasis), thatmeans foundation, base, or what lays beyond [...] often involving the personification of typically elemental powers, as the wind or fire, or as human life, fertility and death"

Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott,  "A Greek-English Lexicon" 

To say this in a simpler way: Hypostasis is what we do when we invent a name and an explanation for a natural manifestation or an abstract concept. For example, when egyptians say the Nile flooding were the fury of the Gods, that was an Hypostasis. The aeolus blow or Zeus lightining were Hypostasis too.

It is not superstition, mysticism or esotericism. I undestood this is an evidence of how our mind always tries to “look beyond” the first impression. This is a research we don't make knowingly, but we need to find a meaning for life. And it is a meaning we give her based on our values, experiences and emotions.


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 The underrestimated significance of the jewel

Jewel today is a consumer good as any other. Maybe one of the most elitist, because its high ecnomic value and superior quality it has to have to be appreciated. But I think this is not the only value of jewelry.

A jewely accompanies us in everyday life. It melts with our appearance. It is part of our identity. We look at jewels, they crystallize emotions. More than any other accessory, jewels are means with we communicate our identity and intentions.

This is the reason why jewels we wear and give has to never be chosen with superficiality, but with a motivation originating from our values and emotions.


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Hypóstasis Mission

These reasons are enough to explain intentions beyond my project. Not just to bring people good quality jewelry, lightweight, elegant, minimalistic. But to make these jewels a mean for thinking about what they represent, our values, our perception of the world, hoping they could be the starting point for our personal growth.


Michelangelo Bellucci,