The Openwork Technique

Many jewels nowadays are made in series, through the melting process. This allow to produce great quantities with a minimal effort in resources and time.

However, melting has its downsides. There is a high risk of air bubbles, spoiling the process. To reduce this risk at minimun, thicker object are made intentionally, and this way they have a higher weight.

Openwork technique is an artisanal technique, allowing us to work on thin metal sheets, 1 millimeter in thickness about (0,04 inches)

This creates a very lightweight object, that weighs less than half of a melted object. This way our jewel is more comfortable and doesn't damage the earlobe.

Being handmade, it is a technique granting the maximum precision and a careful and particular work.

Gioielli Artigianali Foglie di Vite


The Choice of Materials

Our jewels are made with a metal sheet gold or rhodium plated. Plating is obtained with a galvanic bath, depositing on the original metal a consistent gold or rhodium layer.

This allows our jewel to appear as a gold or silver jewel, and allows us to make it with the same care and precision, but we can consistently lower prices, giving the maximum importance to the artistic value and not to purely material values.

Plating, being made with noble metal, allows an object absolutely anallergic in every way, and stainless so that mantains its brilliance and it's easy to clean.

The sheet we use have 1 millimeter (0,04 inches) thickness, allowing us to make a very lightweight onject, but also resistant.

Gioielli Artigianali Rame

Gems and Stones

We just use natural gem and stones. They are never bought 鈥渋n stock鈥, but chosen one by one. This way we can ensure a superior quality and the best final result, adding a very harmonic chromatic and dimensional identity.

Pietra Tsavorite Taglio Brillante

For example, to realize the 鈥淎mpelos鈥 jewel, inspired to grapes, we made a search of various weeks to find stones that resemble the most the colour of real grapes.

Gioielli Artigianali Ampelos Grappolo d'Uva con Granato
Michelangelo Realizza un Gioiello a forma di Luna


When jewel is finally ready, we make a 鈥渕atchbox鈥 packaging. We put our seal on the box. The colour of the wax is the most similar to the gem, or to the metal if there are none.