Personalized Jewels

We are born as artisans on demand. We created our collections based on our customers liking and on the most universal and appreciated concept of the collective imagination.

To realize your personalized jewel or modify an existing variant you just have to contact us on whatsapp, or using our email address, or on our facebook page. We will give you all the necessary informations.

  • Pricing: based on the request, price can vary. Personalization or modification has a base extra price of 10 鈧 to cover designing costs and material acquisition. It could apply costs for particular materials or different shapes. We will examinate the variables together.
  • Timing: designing/modfying a variant could take a time, based on how much we need to decide every detail with you. When the final project is set, we will give you a price estimation. We will need about a week from the payment, and then we will ship in 1-2 working days.
  • You can also look to the Facebook page to find many personalized creations we made in the last years. In this page you will find some of our most beautiful creations.
Gioiello Artigianale Ashvattha con Agate Verdi
Collana Artigianale con Labradoriti e Perle a Doppio Filo
Gioiello Artigianale Steampunk a forma di Ala Con Pietre Azzurre
Gioiello Artigianale Aquifolium a forma di Agrifoglio simbolo del Natale
Gioiello Artigianale Kerasia Ciliegia Simbolo dell'Estate
Gioiello Artigianale Albero della Vita
Gioiello Artigianale con Lettera F Personalizzato
Gioiello Artigianale Spirale con Pietre Azzurre simbolismo di Madre e Figlia
Gioiello Artigianale Libra Segno Zodiacale della Bilancia con Bracci Mobili
Gioiello Artigianale Vesuvio Simbolo di Napoli
Gioielli Artigianali Vikara Ali di Farfalla
Gioiello Artigianale Vishuddha Chakra con Cianite


Gioielli Artigianali Yah Luna con Madreperle e Onici
Gioielli Artigianali Venustas Pietre Colorate
Gioiello Artigianale Anemon Fiori Primaverili
Gioiello Artigianale Ampelos Grappolo d'Uva